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She Can Laugh: A Guide to Living Spiritually Emotionally and Physically Well

Health is about more than eating kale and doing crunches. It's also about finding the joy and freedom that allow you to laugh at the days to come like the woman described in Proverbs 31.

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She Can Laugh expands the conversation to spiritual, physical, and emotional fitness. It offers a unique perspective on personal health from a biblical standpoint, equipping you to live a sustainable healthy lifestyle while enjoying the life God's called you to live.

Mommy Loves You When

"I think this is such a sweet book. Life can be busy and we forget to slow down. This book reminds me to let my kid know I love him no matter what!"

"They message in this book melts my heart. I bought a couple copies to give as gifts for my friends and family that are expecting mothers. Very cute."

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Driven to Courage:

How to Deal with the Unexpected and Come Out Stronger

This book is written to show you exactly how to harness the five steps to deal with the unexpected, and not just survive, but thrive. Through story-driven teaching, each chapter has a unique perspective from an inspiring individual sharing a powerful principle that will help you win.

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